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“I have been working with CakeWalk, their design team has proven to be one of the most productive” - Alan Fiermonte
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Develop, next in line to Design is an equally important step.

By Develop we mean the programming part of the sites. Its the next in line to desiging, Just like in Desinging, we keep upgrading ourselves to keep ourselves upbeat with all the latest technologies be it AJAX, LINQ, MVC, etc.

It is very important to write a High Performance code so that its easily scalable. The primary benefit is straight forward. Nobody is patient enough to even wait for 10 seconds on your site, if they know a stuff can be achieved in 2 seconds. And anyway, Whats the point of having Beauty without Brain, can just serve as a showpiece afterall.

We are lovers of Visual Studio and hence have been developing all our softwares and websites in .Net. Reason? Nothing special, just that Visual Studio is a wonderful IDE which speeds up the whole coding process and its debugger is just too good to miss out on anything.

By this it does'nt mean we have never developed stuff in PHP or JSP, we have in the past but as said earlier the cost of development in .net is much less as it saves time and here at CakeWalk, we are just another believer of Time is Money.

If you are in need to get your application upgraded to .Net or develop new modules for your site or software or build something from scratch, Contact Us, we will do our best to fulfill your needs.
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